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Concord is a leading provider of CNC Wirecut EDM services, offering a wide range of solutions to meet the cutting needs of various industries. Here are some of the key services we offer:


What We Offer

CNC Wirecut EDM services offer manufacturers a range of benefits, from custom cutting to rapid prototyping and precision cutting. With our expertise in materials and quality control, we help our clients produce high-quality products that meet their specific needs and requirements. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you with your CNC Wirecut EDM needs.


Custom cutting

We can produce custom-cut components and parts to precise specifications. Our CNC Wirecut EDM machines are capable of cutting complex and intricate shapes with extreme accuracy, making it an ideal cutting method for high-precision components and parts. 


Rapid prototyping

We can produce prototypes quickly and accurately, enabling our clients to test new designs and ideas before committing to full-scale production. Our rapid prototyping services help reduce the risk of costly errors and production delays.


Material expertise

Our team has extensive knowledge of the properties and behavior of various materials. This allows us to select the best cutting methods and techniques for each material, ensuring that the final product meets the required specifications.


Quality control

We implement rigorous quality control measures to ensure that our products meet the highest standards of performance and reliability. We use advanced testing equipment to check individual components before assembly and perform functional tests on completed products.


Technical support

We offer technical support to our clients. This includes training on how to use the products and guidance on maintenance and repair.


Customized solutions

We understand that each client has unique needs and requirements. We work closely with our clients to develop customized solutions that meet their specific needs, ensuring that they get the most out of our CNC Wirecut EDM services.


Perform a series of tests to ensure that the machine is operating properly and safely. This may include a dry run, where the machine is run without material to verify its movement and control, and a live run, where the machine is tested with a sample material.


Installing a CNC Wirecut EDM system requires careful planning and preparation to ensure that it is installed correctly and functions properly. At CONCORD, we ensure that this is done.

Onsite Training

Train operators on how to use the machine and maintain it properly. Provide all necessary documentation, such as operating manuals, maintenance guides, and spare parts lists.

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Concord an industry leader in CNC Wire EDM manufacturing who can provide you with high-quality machines and excellent customer support to meet your needs and expectations.