EDM drilling machine is ideally suited for machining small and deep holes. On hardened conductive materials and forms a perfect match with our CONCORD CNC Wire cut machines.


  • Drilling Speed 30 mm/Min*.

  • Drilling can be done on various conductive materials like

  • Steel, Copper, Aluminium, Carbide etc.

  • High pressure water pump for continuous work

  • Can use electrode from Ø0.3mm to Ø3.0mm.

  • Deep and precision holes.

Installation & Training

Installing a CNC Wirecut EDM system requires careful planning and preparation to ensure that it is installed correctly and functions properly. At CONCORD, we ensure that this is done. Operators are trained to cut actual jobs & also to do preventive maintenance.

Onsite Training

All necessary documentation, such as operating manuals, maintenance guides, and spare parts lists are provided.


Work Table Size L×W (mm) 500×400
Table Travel X, Y Axis (mm) 400×300
Z Axis Travel (mm) 300
Max. Drilling Depth (mm) 0 ~ 300
Max. Drilling Speed (mm/min) 30mm/min*
Electrode Diameter (mm) Ø0.3 –Ø3.0
Max. Work piece weight (Kg) 300
Working Solution D.M Water
Working Reservoir Capacity (L) 50
Power Supply 3ph, 415V/50Hz
Max. Power Consumption (KVA) 3.5 KVA
Machine Dimensions (mm) 1486×1488×2300
Machine Weight (Kg) 690
Controller Type Motorized Z Axis
Display DRO For X, Y, Z Axis
Function of Setting Depth Available

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