Mould Laser Welding


Mould Laser Welding Machine
Technical Specifications
Work Table Area 130 x 100 x 300 mm
Max. Thickness of Job 300 mm
Load Bearing Capacity 200 Kgs
Laser Welding Depth 0.1 - 3.2 mm
Wave Length 1064 nm
Working Distance of Laser Weld 100 - 200 mm
Laser Ceramic condenser cavity (Imported from UK)
Viewing System Telescopic microscope with cross wire
Amplification 10 times (Optional 15X, 20X)
Laser Power (max) 150 W
Single Pulse Energy (max) 100 J
Range of Laser Spot Size 0.2 - 2 mm
Pulse Width 0.5 - 20 ms
Pulse Frequency 0.1 - 15 Hz
Weld Area Protection System Auto Synchronous argon gas protection for weld area
Welding Wires Stainless steel, Hot die steel, P20 steel, HCHCr etc.
Input voltage 380 V, AC, 50 Hz.
Max. Power 8 KW
Max. Load Carrying Capacity 200 Kgs
Cooling System Water cooler (D. M. water with 12 LPM flow)
Standard Features
  • Table up & down movement by electric motor
  • High precision ball screws for X, Y axis of work table
  • L. M. Guide ways for X, Y axis
  • Laser head can be moved forward & backward, up and down manually to adjust the position
  • Laser head can be rotated through 360o for easy approach of the welding area
  • Machine lamp with high density halogen bulb, which protects the eyes of the operator against flashing laser
  • Industrial micro controller with high stability and easy maintenance
  • 50 programs with different parameters can be stored in controller

Note: Due to continuous engineering improvements, specifications are subject to change without prior notice

* At Standard test conditions