EDM Drilling

DD 703 BMD703  
DD703 BMD703 (400)  
Technical Specifications
Model -> DD703 BMD703 (400)
Work Table Size L x W (mm) 382x260 486x310
Table Travel X,Y Axis (mm) 300x200 400x300
Z Axis Travel(mm) 270+(220) 300+(320)
Max. Drilling Depth(mm) 0~220 0~300
Max. Drilling Speed(mm2/min) 30 30
Max. Working Current(A) 30 30
Electrode Diameter(mm) Ø0.3 ~ Ø3.0 Ø0.2 ~ Ø3.0
Load of Table(Kg) 200 300
Working Solution Water Water
Working Reservoir Capacity(L) 25 30
Power Supply 415V/50Hz 415V/50Hz
Max. Power Consumption(KVA) 3.5 3.5
Machine Dimensions(mm) 1060x750x1700 1235x1025x1935
Machine Weight(Kg) 600 700
Controller Type Manual Z axis Automatic Z axis
Digital Display DROs for X, Y- axis DRO for X, Y, Z - axis
Function of Setting Depth No Yes

Note: Due to continuous engineering improvements, specifications are subject to change without prior notice