About Us

Our Mission:

We at Concord United Products will endeavor to be the supplier of choice for unique technologies to cater to the needs of Indian Manufacturing and Tooling Industry. We will do this with a constant focus on achieving complete customer satisfaction.

Brief History:

Concord United Products started in the year 2000 to bring in affordable machine tools to the Indian Manufacturing Industry. With installation base over 1300 machines, Concord has achieved the number one position in reusable molybdenum wire cut EDM machines in India.
With our tie up with SUZHOU BAOMA GROUP who is among the top 5 manufacturers of CNC WIRE  EDM manufacturers in China, we have seen exponential growth in our installation base spread locations in all parts of India. We have recently entered the Export market with 2 installations in Turkey and one installation in Dubai.
With our mission to bring in cost effective and innovative products, we are constantly exploring ways to increase our product portfolio.
Our major milestones have been:
  • First machine installed in Chennai in Sept 2001.
  • First machine installed in North India in 2002.
  • First machine installed in West  in Feb 2003.
  • 100th , 200th, 300th and 500th machine installed in 2005, 2009, 2011 and 2015 respectively.
  • Multipass facility in reusable wire technology is introduced in 2007.
  • Machines in Turkey installed in 2012
  • Machines installed at IIT Mumbai, IIT Kanpur, IIT Gawhati, NIT Warrangal, NTTF and several Engineering Colleges.
  • Started manufacturing Indian Make machines in 2014 

Our service team:

Guided by our mission statement, our constant endeavour is to

  • Responding to customer needs within 48 hours. To cater to ever increasing customer base across India, we have Service Engineers stationed in all key strategic locations.
  • Continuous training of service team - The continuous interaction between our service team with our Chinese partners ensures that our Service Engineers are qualified and trained in servicing our machines in a short lead-time.
By focusing on our motto " Customer Satisfaction First" across all functions of our company, we ensure customer centric attitude among our service team.