High Speed CNC Wire EDM

High Speed CNC
BM Series high speed machines with servo drives

High Speed CNC
DK Series high speed machines with stepper drives

Technical Specifications
Model -> BM400C-C BM500C-C BM630D-C BM800D-C DK-7732C-C DK-7740C-C
Table Travel X,Y Axis (mm) 320 x 400 400 x 500 500 x 630 630 x 800 320 x 400 400 x 500
Work Table Size L x W (mm) 420 x 650 500 x 785 600 x 900 660 x 1100 420 x 650 500 x 800
Maximum Work Piece Thickness (mm) 300 300 500 500 300 300
Maximum Taper / 100 mm Thickness 3° (Standard) 3° (Standard)   3° (Standard)   3° (Standard)
Maximum Work Piece Weight (kgs) 400 500 800 3000 400 500
Machine Weight (kgs) 1800 2000 2300 4500 1600 1900
Controller Specifications
Display LCD Display
Controller BMW 5000 (High speed) - AC Servo control for BM series and Stepper motor control for DK series machines
Control system Japaneese YASKAWA servo control system for BM series machines.
Max. Jog speed 6000 mm/min. for BM series machines
PC Industrial PC #
Axis Control 4 - axes (X,Y,U,V)
X, Y Axis Guide Ways Precision linear motion guide ways for X, Y axis
Wire tension mechanism Double direction servo wire tension (Auto wire tension)
Z axis Motorized Z axis
Resolution 0.001 mm
Wire frame 'C' Type
Wire Dia 0.18mm (Std.), 0.15mm, 0.12mm (Optional)
Interpolation Linear and Circular
Programming Incremental
Least Input Increment 0.001 mm
Least Command Input 0.001mm
Data Input / Output System USB Port , Regular Keyboard and Mouse; Can read AutoCAD .dxf format
Input Power Supply 3 Phase, 415 Volts, 50 Hz with Neutral and Earth
Total Machine Load 3.0 KVA
Graphic Display Graphic display of  part showing wire position
Processing and Data Entry Dual Screen, New programs can be entered while cutting previous programme
Auto Stop Auto Shut-off at the end of program
Dielectric Fluid Soft water (D.M Water) + Gel
Dielectric Tank Capacity 55 Litres
Standard Features
  • Maximum Speed - 150mm2/Min.*
  • Machining accuracy - 0.01mm *
  • Best Surface Finish - Ra 1.00 *
  • A.C. - Not Required up to 40° C
  • Special arrangement for Aluminium cutting
  • BMXP pm-k system software controller works on Windows 10 operating platform
  • Inbuilt database for cutting different materials.
  • Inbuilt NCCAD software to generate profiles
  • Coolant filtering system - Fine stainless steel wire mesh for coolant filter
  • No need to change wire guide for different diameters
  • Two axis DRO (Std.)
  • 4-Axes synthesizer to cut different profiles at top and bottom
  • Auto centre find, auto edge find, auto shut-off at wire breakage and auto stop at the end of the job

Note: Due to continuous engineering improvements, specifications are subject to change without prior notice

* At Standard test conditions  # Chasis