High Precision CNC Wire EDM (Brass wire)

Brass Wire CNC

Technical Specifications
Size of work table (X, Y) mm 645 x 490
Table travel (X, Y, Z axes) mm 400 x 300 x 220
Dimension of work tank (LxWxH) mm 990 x 910 x 270
Max. size of work piece (LxWxH) mm 850 x 700 x 215
U, V axes travel mm 36 x 36
Max. taper for 100mm thickness ° +/- 6
Max. weight of work piece Kg 250
Brass wire diameter mm Ø0.15 - 0.3, Standard 0.25
Capacity of dielectric fluid / dielectric fluid Ltr 300 / D.M. Water
Filtration   Paper filtration
Capacity of resin Ltr 20
Motors of X, Y, Z axes   AC servo motors
Motors of U, V axes   Stepper motors
Best surface finish * µRa 0.6
Max. cutting speed* mm²/min 160
Max. jog speed mm/min 1200
Size of the machine (LxWxH) mm 1700 x 2550 x 2165
Weight of the machine Kg 2500
Floor space required (LxW) mm 2200 x 3300
Display   15" LCD monitor
Controlling axes   5 axes, 4 axes simultaneously
Interppolation   Linear and circular
Min. input mm 0.001
Max. input mm 9999.999
Input   MDI / USB / Keyboard
Total power KVA 7
Standard power supply   415V / 3 Phase / 50 Hz
Max. working current Amp 25
Standard room temperature for better accuracy °C 20 +/- 3
Temperature allowed °C 15 - 30
Humidity % 40 - 80
Main Features
  • High speed, high precision CNC wire EDM
  • 5 axes CNC (Simultaneously 4 axes)
  • Windows based operating system
  • High precision L.M. guide ways for X,Y,U,V and Z axes
  • Precision and ground C3 class ball screwa for X, Y axes
  • In built programme generation software
  • Auto centre find and edge find, auto wire alignment, auto home point return, morror imaging across X/ Y axes, scale functions.
  • Spark alignment, edge finding in 45°, centre finding in 45°, slant hole deflection
  • Rotation of programme, proportion zoom
  • On line parameter edit facility
  • Display of cutting in mm/min, display of machining time
  • Single block execution
  • Special control strategy : none-core cutting, corner control, complex profile cutting.
  • Auto alignment of workpiece
  • Servo system: Closed loop servo drive with AC servo motors of Jepanees YASKAWA.
  • 3D graphic simulation of compplex profiles
  • Auto parameter selection
  • Save automatically when power OFF and resume operation automatically from the same point when power ON
  • Programmng during machining.
  • Error message display in real time
  • Display index of geometry contour
  • Multi pass and multi cavity facility

Note: Due to continuous engineering improvements, specifications are subject to change without prior notice

* At Standard test conditions  # Chasis